Heads will roll

N&R reporter and fellow blogger Lex Alexander grabbed the front page this morning with his report on the impending death of Project Homestead.

While it appears that the taxpayers of Greensboro will lose a bunch of money because of Homestead’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, we are not alone.  The City of Goldsboro was heavily involved with the non-profit and the News-Argus (borrowing heavily from the N&R’s coverage) is letting it’s readers in on the issue.

When interviewed by Lex, Goldsboro City Attorney W. Harrell Everitt Jr. made the type of statement I wish we were hearing more of from our city governement: ”I can assure you the city of Goldsboro will be aggressively seeking the return of the property“.

In a letter (scroll down) to the editor printed in this morning’s N&R, Norman L. Rider makes the first of what will probably be many calls for complete accountability over what is shaping up to be an obvious lack of oversight surrounding the Homestead debaucle on the part of somebody…. anybody.  Rider calls for the appointment of an independent commission to determine which City official’s heads should be sent rolling… be they elected or hired…. “The commission must have the power to recommend disciplinary action, including dismissal of employees and public reprimand of elected city officials.”

I agree with Mr. Rider.

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