Expanding my horizons

I just spent a little time reading other weblogs that contain links to Hogg’s Blog.  Some are “national” blogs with high readership, some are truly diaries.  One of my very favorites is Allied (Jeanene Sessums) who makes me laugh and/or cry and/or think everytime I go there.

It occurs to me that the reason that I keep going back to Jeanene (and her friend Halley) is because they amuse me, enlighten me, inform me and I get the feeling that I know them better and better each time I visit and am the better for each visit.  Their blogs are the soul of blogging as opposed to Instapundit et al which, in comparison, are dry, look-at-me-I-have-something-important-to-relate-to-save-the-world stuff.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate the male-dominated news blogs, but go read Jeanene or my neighbor frograbbitmonkey for real life.

I just browsed through my posts of the last couple of weeks and found little that tells the occasional non-Greensboro reader that I am anything but a guy who belly-aches everytime he doesn’t agree with something that happens in Greensboro’s local political circle.  I have decided to lighten up… when there is nothing to belly-ache about… which is not often… but I promise to try.

I have an amazing family, neighborhood and community and it is important for me that you know this.  I will start letting you in on my non-political life that, in reality, occupies 95% of my real time.

Keep checking back.

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