WMS – Next steps

The N&R covers the latest happenings surrounding War Memorial Stadium.

I appealed to the Historic Preservation Commission last week to start the process of folding the stadium property into the boundaries of the Aycock Historic District.  The presentation sparked enough interest for the issue to be placed on the agenda for next month’s meeting of the group.  If that ball starts rolling, it will take a minimum of six months for the designation to go into effect.  This zoning change would give the stadium protections that it doesn’t currently enjoy.

Preservation Greensboro’s Director Benjamin Briggs is quoted in the article regarding the possibility of utilizing historic tax credits. (an idea that has been talked about for years, but never actually pursued)  He is in contact with the National Trust and others who can make this happen.  A portion of an email conversation from one of the CPA’s looking at the deal last week indicates that such an arrangement is possible and doable but will require quite a bit of money and legwork and, on the part of the City and public, patience…

” . . . I think the first step is to figure out who is going to be the developer.  The City, PGI, local investor group?  Number two, a viable business plan needs to be developed.  Three, if there needs to be a major fund raising effort (in excess of $1,000,000), that needs to be scoped out (feasibility).   Then we can worry about tax credits.  It’s the easy part.”

Seems that this process should have been started by the City some years ago, but absent that, it is best to get started now with or without them.

I am confident that there are a least 5 votes on the City Council to stop the wrecking ball from tearing down the old place while ALL of the options and possibilities are actually explored and not just talked about.  There has been another Task Force meeting called to present the decision by the P&R decision to move forward with the demolition of the place.  I’ll take a pass on that meeting.

I really don’t have time for this, and I’m afraid that the general public is fatigued about the whole issue of “Save War Memorial”.  But, we have to at least try.

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    Hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be nine votes on council to postpone a tear-down while additional options are explored.