Sitting in the Council’s chairs

Last night, members of The Spirit of the Sit-In Movement Initiative temporarily occupied the dais (as in – they ‘sat in‘ the Council’s chairs.  Get it?) during a break of the City Council meeting.  Some were subsequently arrested for trespassing.

Yesterday, I received a wide distribution email from Rev. Nelson Johnson of the Beloved Community Center.  As I read the release, I thought it curious that it encouraged people – twice - to stick around for “the second half” of the meeting:

“…TONIGHT…the SSIMI will make another presentation to the City Council of Greensboro, and continue to make an (sic) address some of the deep issues race and social justice.  Ulitmately (sic)the group is speaking to the citizens of Greensboro, and are seeking build community around these various issues.  People are encouraged to participate in the (sic) tonight’s discussion in City Council Chambers at 5:30 PM.  The group is very hopeful in receiving a response from the council as a result of their presentation.  Therefore, people are further encouraged to remain at the meeting until the second part of the agenda.

Please make a special effort to come (and encourage others to come). Also please stay until the second half of the meeting occurs as we are hopeful of a postive (sic) response from the Council.  Thank you so very much.”

Now I understand why people were twice asked to stick around.  What good is a protest without a proper audience?

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