Ever-changing Downtown

Oh goody!  We now have a live webcam (via Action Greensboro) so we can all witness the destruction of part of Greensboro’s history from the comfort of our cubicles.  The 1927 Bulington Industries Headquarters is in the foreground – Davis Love’s old office is in the left corner on the second floor.  The Westerwood Neighborhood is in the background awaiting the first pitch in the new ballpark is slated to occupy the webcammed site in 2005.

On a related note: Two observations from a drive through downtown today.

I noticed concrete being poured at the site for Action Greensboro’s new Center City Park.  Gravel is transient, trees and flowers can be moved easily enough, but concrete is, well… concrete.  How does anyone yet know where to pour concrete since the design firm that would supposedly finalize such things hasn’t even been selected

A bunch of people were looking around the old Pet Dairy building on Summit Avenue.  They had neckties, clipboards and someone who speaks with heavy hand gestures in the entourage.  Maybe since the Palms is going to be folded into the new baseball stadium site they have decided to move the venerable club closer to the Aycock Neighborhood.  That would be fine by me, I wouldn’t have to don nearly as much gay apparel to keep warm in the nasty weather because it would be just a short stroll on my way to take in the drag shows.

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