Amber Alert? We wouldn’t know.

My brother Keith sent me a heads-up and link to the RSS feed for the nationwide Amber Alerts system last weekend.  I saw the power and the possiblilities for the feed immediately and ”signed up” for the feed and picked up the link button to their site for my blog roll while there.  The information said they would contact me regarding the feed in “2 or 3 days”.

If this notification could be added to every RSS enabled weblog out there it might just save a life or two.  Problem is I have heard nothing back as of today.  I am trying to find out why one has to fill out a questionaire and wait for the link but no luck yet. 

It would seem that the Amber Alert folks would be eager to get the feed in front of as many eyeballs as possible and not make those interested in helping out have to jump through a bunch of hoops.  I’m wondering if Radio Userland has contacted them?  Winer, O’Reilly, are you up on this?  Team Amber has a news release about it, but I can’t get any of their links to work.

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