Another “done deal”

The News & Record’s “Inside Scoop” is a feature that I like to read every Saturday.  It is the closest thing that my local paper has to a weblog. The Scoop is kinda news… kinda editorial…  Today’s scoop leads with an incident that occured at last Tuesday’s City Council meeting that echos the disconnect and dis-enfranchisement that I have heard over and over although the average reader might laugh it off like Koury Corporation’s Steve Showfety did.

Resident Kathy Edwards was playing the part of David as the lone speaker in opposition to a rezoning request by the Goliath developer but she, and her neighbors, knew that any efforts to block the development would prove innefective.  The affected neighbors stayed away in droves.

…In explaining why more of her neighbors didn’t show up at the hearing, Edwards said “the general consensus was that if you were dealing with Koury Corporation, it was a done deal.”

In response, Koury President Steve Showfety said, “I assume she was paying our company a compliment.”

No she wasn’t Steve, she was condemning your company’s overpowering influence and the developer driven political process in Greensboro. 

Edwards’ statement, Showfety’s quip and the Council’s predictable unanimous vote to approve the development illustrate resignation, arrogance and allegiance… in that order.

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