Jerry Bledsoe, via email, responded to my post about Al Sharpton’s recent award, the N&R’s apparent tacit approval of him receiving it, and Rosemary Roberts’ column about the whole mess:  With his permission…

“Saw your post on the Sharpton matter. I know Rosemary Roberts to be a sweet and honorable person. I doubt that she’s a Rhino reader and I feel certain that she wouldn’t have known about what I had written. I’m sure that what she wrote was not prompted by anything other than her own thoughts. She speaks her own mind, and I admire her.”

I didn’t question Roberts’ honor, but I did question why Bledsoe’s Rhino column was not cited in her column… and I guess I got my answer.  I was under the impression that everyone reads the Rhino.

Note to self: Don’t even appear to bash a local writer in the future unless you want to get written to about it by their brethren… a lot.  Jerry wasn’t the only one who stood up for Roberts through back channels.  Ed Cone weighed in on Saturday.

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