Violation Part II – A Public Apology

I believe that apologies should be as public as erroneous accusations and for that reason the Hoggard household will have to ask forgiveness from the man that we accused of invading our home.  It was a case of mistaken identity.

Although the police arrested (and jailed overnight) the person that we accused of burglarizing our home back in January we have been informed by the police that a look-alike suspect who has now been charged with similar crimes in the neighborhood has admitted to our burglary.  The person we accused of the crime will have all charges dropped and we are actually very relieved because of the dismissal.

There were many factors that led to this wrongful arrest besides the positive identification as described in the above link including the results of an initial police interrogation and a curious non-denial that we received from the person we suspected but, in the end, we were wrong.

I can’t even start to imagine the hurt that our accusation has brought upon B… P…… and for this we will personally apologize at the proper time and place but it may take awhile on his part, and I completely understand his disgust.  I would probably feel the same way if the tables were turned.  I am just as confident that he (or anyone) would have reacted in a similar way if they felt as violated, and as confident in the identification, as we were.  Of course the bigger issue is why we were so confident in our accusation.

Bill, if you read this, we are truly sorry.

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