Violation Part II – A Public Apology

I am hard pressed to single out my favorites among the list of The Things I Have Learned While Working for a Newspaper” that Lex Alexander compiled to mark the 20th anniversary of his entry into journalism.

Here are some snippets that I, too, have had experience with… but read the whole thing:

  • Feces wash out.
  • Blood does too. Sometimes.
  • Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be adequately explained by incompetence. 
  • Most politicians, at least at the local/state level, really do lie pretty shamelessly at times.
  • And they expect you to act like it’s part of the game.
  • The best government is limited and transparent.
  • A lot of people who ought to know better do not believe either of those things.
  • If there’s going to be a revolution, it won’t be televised, but it’ll definitely be blogged.

Lex works at the News & Record as an editor and, lately, again, a reporter on matters related to Project Homestead.  One of things that intruiqes me about him is how he can refrain from blogging about local issues when I am confident he is busting at the seams to offer us his perspective.  I am surprised he didn’t include something about that in his list and will ask him about it when and if I have the pleasure of meeting him.

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