Old friends… jawin’ away

Snowed in with the kids so thought I would catch up on some email.

I have referred to a great friend of mine from Kentucky, via Georgia, via Kentucky before.  Every now and again he and some current and ex-Kentuckians will start an email thread that can sometimes last for days.  The latest series has rambled between the presidential priimary, public vs private schools, various “lacsivious repartee” and now… Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Responding to a friend’s review of the movie, John David (JD to us) types out his take on Gibson’s marketing techniques while watching the 700 Club out of the corner of his eye:

“. . ‘niche marketing’ i think they call it,  with his doing it through the Christians and their congregations and fundamentalist organizations. . .and not only the movie itself,  but also all the related trinketry, t-shirts, etc.  Used to be done by Disney and others when they got up deals with the fast food folks and put movie related toys in the kids meals.  Hard to imagine a kid finding a blood stained whip, nail or miniature cross in their Happy Meal,  . . . nestled in a pile of greasy fries….

btw . .just watched Pat Roberson’s 700 Club sharing their joy over the testimony that Mr. Gibson had provided for believers everwhere, then went straight to a plea for the 700 Clubbers to raise their level of committment to a higher membership level . .(hold it for a sec . . .can’t type during the praying part) . . .OK, Amen…”

Here’s the whole email.  I have been urging JD to start a weblog as he is natural for the medium.  That way the whole Bowling Green, Ky email food chain could show their unabashed cleverness to the world and I could simply link to it instead of all of this damn cut ‘n paste.

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