RSS on the rise

AP via Excite: Enthusiasts Call Web Feed Next Big Thing (Link via brother Keith).  The aricle gives RSS background, current useage and a glimpse of the future..

“…Some of that upsurge was election year fever as Democratic presidential candidates led by Howard Dean daily turned on the RSS spigot to “broadcast” to supporters.  But Web feeds are no Howard-come-lately. Info generators of all kinds – big media, government and non-profits alike – are embracing them.”

“…Remember when you first starting seeing URLs appear on billboards and at the end of movie trailers?” (Yahoo’s Jeremy) Zawodny wrote in his blog in December. “It’s going to be like that. One day we’re just going to look around and realize that RSS is popping up all over the place. And a couple years later, we’ll all wonder how we ever got along without it.”

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