Bloggin’ in the ‘Hood

I’m going to have to start a new blogroll called “Aycock Bloggers”.  There’s me and frograbbitmonkey here on Cypress Street, and now RecordHospital by Michael Petipas over on Park Avenue.  Michael is an attorney who has a passion for Punk Rock and other alternative music and hosts a late night/early morning radio show about same on Guilford College’s WGFS (90.9 FM).

I know Michael to be a well informed Connecticut import who holds many opinions on local and national issues in addition to his expertise on matters Punk.  Hopefully he can be persuaded to not only keep us up on the alternative music scene but also offer some thoughts on other topics as time goes on.

One of his posts relates a message from the owner of local independent record store Gate City Noise (cool site).  It’s a long message but the gist of it says that unless some more folks start supporting him he will be forced to close down… soon.

I’m not a vinyl kinda guy, and alternative music never grabbed my attention nor my dollars, but if you are into either or both go by 401 Tate Street near UNCG and help the guy out.

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