“… Had we known…”

Mayor ProTem Yvonne Johnson speaks for herself and other City Council members about Project Homestead via a letter to the editor in today’s N&R.

“…Had we known about the credit cards and other questionable expenses that we now know of, we would have stopped all monies and investigated Project Homestead….  The fact is, I did not know and I do not believe other council members knew either.”

“…I want you to know where I stand on this issue because I am accountable to you.”

I know Councilwoman Johnson pretty well, she is a woman of great integrity so I believe her when she says that she and others on the Council ”did not know”.  From what I hear, many citizens of Greensboro are convinced that the Council should have known, however.

The challenge that our City Council is faced with is convincing their constituancy that they are committed to being pro-active in their leadership role.  Being reactive has not served them very well.

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