From the “What It’s Worth” Department

Former Guilford County manager Roger Cotten has gone to work for D. H. Griffin, a locally owned but national-in-scope demolition company.

Guilford County is currently under a contract that Cotton negotiated in 2002 with Griffin to demolish all of the buildings that used to house Guilford ’s DSS Department.  This demolition is part of the “land swap agreement” with DGR, LLC for the new baseball stadium.

One of the least favorable (to the taxpayers) stipulations of that contract was that we had to pay over $387,000 to Griffin to have our own buildings demolished to make the deal work.  This demolition amount was what caused the Old Burlington Headquarters to have “negative value” during that phase of the baseball debates.  That $387,000 should have been paid by the purchasing party, not the selling party (us) in my humble opinion.

If Cotton is in a negotiating role in his new position with D.H. Griffin, hopefully he will serve them better in similar situations than he did for us in that instance.

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