Drum Line Update

I haven’t mentioned the Aycock Drum Line for several months but they are still going strong.

Although they started off with desks and chairs for drums, N.C. A&T and a few local high schools have provided them with some fixer-upper drums.  The Line still has to borrow instruments for performances, like the one they were getting ready for in this picture a few weeks ago.

The Aycock Drum Line was started by choral director Jimmy Cheek as a way to better involve these guys in school – it’s his personal  no-child-left-behind act.  Cheek’s effort is an educational success story and should be duplicated throughout Guilford County.  Minimum cost… maximum benefit.

The Music Loft on Lawndale is providing them with drumsticks and some of the money raised early on has been used for matching t-shirts and some repair items.  They can always use additional money, so send some if you’ve got it.  With the warm weather they have started rehearsing outdoors.  You can hear them most afternoons if you want to come by the school.  They are wonderful.

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