And another thing…

From an email exchange I have been having with a member of City Council over the witholding of the Sutton-Kennerly report:

He/she: “If the venue was unsafe, Butch Simmons would have shut it down…. Now, to the bottom line–why spend time arguing about the structural report?  Memorial Stadium will be maintained for what it is and the new stadium is being built.  Time to move on.”

Me:  “…It’s not the report that I am arguing about because it speaks for itself and everyone agrees with it. My arguments are regarding the transparency in, and the trust of, government…. I would have hoped you would see it that way…”

I suppose that because of my well-known allegiance to War Memorial, my stance on the report is coming off as “sour grapes” to some.  I hope that others realize that I am not nearly that shallow.

In my view, the witholding of the WMS assessment is another in a long line credibility and uninvolvement problems that just keep cropping up at City Hall.  Many members of our stain-release treated City Council keep brushing themselves (and us) off in preparation for the next “I didn’t know” newspaper quote. 

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