P(r)etty Pictures

Got a call from a photographer friend and neighbor of mine a couple of weeks ago who was hired to shoot some pictures for an ad campaign.  The session was in need of some 13-14 year-old guys as subjects and he asked if my son Jackson might be interested along with some of his friends.  Jack agreed and called his friends Dean and Patrick.  Dean’s sister Maggie came along too.

I went with them for the 3:00 session last Sunday and they had a great time clowning for the camera.  Bert clicked away with them as very appealing subjects.  After he finished with them the agency suggested that they could use a couple of shots of an adult and a teenager so they asked if I would pose with Jack.  I was unshaven and rattily dressed but after questioning if the client might have a problem with me being in the picture the agency rep said she didn’t think there would be a problem.  He shot away:

Photo credit: Vanderveen Photography

If you will notice, the background shows a certain old baseball stadium and the client was a certain local minor-league team.

Found out last night that when a certain manager of that certain local team saw my puss as a possible candidate for their upcoming ad campaign, he understandably had objections about me being a subject, fine with me… but, he also objected to any use of images of my son.  Sooo… being friends and all, Jack’s buddies are withdrawing their permission for their pictures to be used as well.  “… One for all” kind of thing, you know.

There were a lot of other models used in the photo shoot for the Bat’s upcoming billboards, etc. besides the boys and I… and most were Aycock Neighborhood folks.  They were only too happy to help Bert and the Bats out.  I don’t yet know if they will respond to this slight in the same manner as the boys.

For the record, throughout this whole stadium thing I (and Aycock in general) have never been anything but pro-Bats.  My family, including  Jackson and his friends, and MANY Aycockians attend dozens of games every year and will continue to do so because we are able to separate our support for the team from stadium issues.  Others clearly don’t have that ability.

An advertising campaign featuring Aycock residents could show Greensboro that there are no hard feelings on either side following a very public difference of opinion on the location of the baseball stadium but it takes two to kiss and make-up… the Hoggards and Aycock puckered up, but we got slapped instead.

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