Decisions, decisions

I’m not pleased with myself. 

During tonight’s Parks & Rec Commission I raised objections to the wording of the final recommendations for the future useage of War Memorial, but in the end, the best I could muster was to not cast a vote.  I didn’t vote for it, I didn’t vote against it – I just didn’t vote. 

I feel that perhaps I should have voted against the measure because there is no verbage in the listed recommendations about keeping the stadium largely in its present form, but the useage recommendations (which is what the document is really about) - I agree with.

Question to ponder: Is it best to vote to defeat something because, in your lone opinion, a key element is missing?  Or… is it best to vote in favor of something because you agree with everything that is included?  Put another way: should dogmatic principles sway my vote, or is perfect the enemy of good?

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