Brother to brother

Today is the 6th anniversary of an event that deeply affected my entire family’s life.

Many of you know my brother Keith and his family: wife Chris, son Zack and beautiful daughter Kellie.  Or perhaps you know only Keith through keeping up with this blog because I refer to him often as he “feeds me stuff” to dissiminate to the world..

None of you know, and I only found out by happenstance a few weeks ago, that Keith started a weblog back in August of last year.  He made only three posts before apparently deciding he just couldn’t fit another distraction into his life.  His first post tells of the life changing event that I referred to above.  His second post (same day) gives you some idea as to why he only made one more.  Hopefully he’ll find time to start it up again.

Brother Keith is an extraordinary man.  His life is hard because Chris is difficult to live with, but he does what needs to be done with grace, dignity and (usually) a smile.  Zack and Kellie are great kids because through it all my brother has kept their well-being above his own.  They are turning out just fine.

I believe this past year has been the most difficult since the accident but it also has been the one which holds the most promise for better times ahead. This was the year that my brother just may have turned the corner on believing his is Superman, nor does he need to be anymore.

Small steps were taken: less Taco Bell, more brocolli on the stove, evening walks by himself, that therapist guy, Zack’s increasing independence via driver’s license, Kellie’s thriving upbeat demeanor, the lows aren’t as low and the highs seem more frequent (at least from here).

Keith, you continue to be my hero.  I love you.  Now go build that swimming pool.

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