City Councilwoman T. Diane Bellamy-Small takes the same stance as Mayor Pro-tem Yvonne Johnson about who really owes the tax debt in the family in an un-posted N&R article today.

Bellamy-Small says that her $1,194 delinquent 2003 property tax bill is “(m)y husband’s responsibility, not mine”.  This statement mirrors Johnson’s 2003 assertion that her husband Walter’s $564,000 Federal tax bill belongs soley to him.

In my recent run for City Council, the N&R reporter covering the election found that I owed a balance on one of my property tax bills from 2002.  My reaction was swift:  I got in the car… went to the tax department… paid the tax… then called the reporter with the tax clerk’s phone number so that he could confirm what I had done before he put the story “to bed”.

If I had told the reporter, “Jinni pays all of the bills (which is true), it’s her responsiblity”… I would be worrying about another tax bill… the one for my new bachelor’s pad.

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