My Party’s Considered Response to Racism Within It’s Ranks

The Rhino quotes (not posted yet) Guilford County Republican Chairman and County Commissioner candidate Marcus Kindley today when asked to respond to Commissioner Billy Yow’s abject racism.  Sez Kindley, “The Guilford County Republican Party does not condone this type of T-shirt“.

Kindley doesn’t renounce Yow’s actions and the pure-d racism that he represents… no dear reader.. he condemns “…this type of T-shirt“?!? Oh-Ma-Ga.

Also, from a friend and fellow conservative via email…

“…Billy has a strong constituency here in Guilford Co, as does Skip A(lston). They are two big reasons why Greensboro will not, in the forseeable future, attract the kind of high-paying jobs that are going to Charlotte & Raleigh…”

His point is well taken.  It seems that we in Guilford County just think that we can play racial politics with total abandon and to hell with the consequences like… say… civilized folks actually wanting to move here.

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