Odds and ends

Commissioner Yow has inpired others to excercise their right of free speech.  WXII has some streaming video (Real Player) with him denying that he is a racist.


Someone has become real interested in Greensboro’s Assistant City Manager Mitch Johnson lately.  Over the last few days Google has sent me 12 visitors with Johnson as the subject.  The last time something like that happened was last September when a flurry of internet searches with “Heather Seifert Greensboro” in the search phrase.  This occured right before the former Director of Preservation Greensboro was hired by Preservation Oklahoma.


The other BIG Google search phrase (about 75 in three days) that is generating traffic comes from folks attempting to locate Yow’s t-shirt.   Sorry folks, if you are wanting to buy one I can’t help you… but perhaps you might want to join one of your brethren who is expressing himself eloquently in the comments section of my original post on the subject.

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