They’re here… they’re “us”… get used to it.

Gary Palmer, co-chair of the Greensboro chapter of GLSEN is as pro-active as any community leader in Greensboro.  First he spearheaded the anti-discrimination policy for Guilford County Schools and now this.

Partner benefits would not only benefit gays working for City government, it would benefit committed, non-wedded straight relationships as well.  Most importantly however, such a policy would show that Greensboro cares about family in all of its forms.

The N&R article quotes Palmer’s reasoning, Major businesses understand that this is a good business practice, …I’m going to choose to go to a place that I am welcome.”

Greensboro has a large, vibrant and involved gay and lesbian community and they are quietly taking their rightful seat at the civic table.  Better make room… the gay community is interwoven into every nook and cranny of Greensboro’s fabric and have been for years.  

Recently homosexuals were identified as an integral part the “Creative Class” which Greensboro needs to be successful according to Richard Florida, whose ideas have been embraced by Action Greensboro and others.  Moreover, partner benefits - under strictly defined criteria - are just the right thing to do.

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