Piling on

Cone cites Yost on Yow. 

The Rhino was critical of our self-avowed rebel County Commissioner in todays edition (links come Monday).  Hammer and Co. have built a reputation for always being the contrarian, but in the case of Billy Yow they see that there is no contrary point to champion…. Billy Yow must go.

The N&R has now published two complete sections of letters to the editor, all of which are critical of Commissioner Yow, today and yesterday.

Greensboro’s newest weekly, the Greater Greensboro Observer (GGO for short… very clever), was also very critical of Yow in their third edition that hit the streets yesterday.  They were the publication that first broke the story.  I would quote them but I am tired of typing… and dissapointed that they don’t even hint that they they might someday have a web presence so I can cut ‘n paste.

Note to GGO publisher Ogi Overman… you’ve got a good thing going… but it is 2004… get a website so you can really make a difference.  I’ll even help spread the word.


Whizzin’ on the NAACP in Guilford County“ is a topic over at the ACC discussion board.  Thanks Billy, we really need that national exposure.


Update: Its been two weeks now since the Billy Yow/NAACP/urination story broke via the GGO.  It was simultaneously reported by the N&R and the Rhino the following day.  As of yet, the African American oriented weekly Carolina Peacemaker hasn’t mentioned Yow or his t-shirt, at least on-line.  Smart… very smart… I mean it.

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