It’s The Economy

On Thursday I participated in an interview with the News and Record that will be published at a later date.  A set of questions was sent out to all City Council candidates so that we could provide written responses and this was followed up by the in person interview.  As an acknowledgment to the importance of offering more complete local political information to the voters, the written answers will be available on their website after the interviews are published in the paper.

In the At-Large race, there are so many of us that they had to break the panel interview into two sessions so I was there with three of my competitiors.  The interview was conducted by the N&R’s editorial staff who is a very informed and inquisitive bunch.  Also in attendance was City Council beat reporter Mark Binker who, while not part of the newpaper’s evaluation and endorsement team, sat in on the interview in case a fistfight or other news worthy event occured.  I am pleased to report that this did not happen.

I was the first candidate in line to answer the first question. “What do you see as the most pressing issue facing Greensboro and how will you address it?”  Well…, IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! 

The other three candidates also had the good sense to identify the same issue as the most pressing and important issue that we all face.  The difference between the candidates came in how we would fix the problem if elected or re-elected.  The other candidates will have to find their own way to get their answer to you but I have posted a portion of my answers here.  Other tactics and ideas will be posted as the campaign progresses.

I am no economist but I do know good ideas when I hear them and I am not above co-opting what has already been studied and prescibed through local initiatives.  Nor am I shy about out-right stealing ideas that have worked in other areas as long as they make sense for Greensboro.

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