What are YOU looking for?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Commissioner Billy Yow is an aberration in Guilford County, he has a lot of fans… or at least his t-shirt does.  Internet surfers continue their attempts to locate an outlet selling the racist message but they find me instead.  I saw two guys wearing the shirt at Lowe’s on Battleground Ave. last Saturday.

On March 20th I posted that I had received over 75 visitors who were looking for information on Yow’s version of “freedom of speech“, I am now over 200 and countingCone, how many do you estimate on your site?

For those of you who find this weblog by typing in “Billy Yow t-shirt”, “Buy Billy Yow t-shirt” and any variant of the phrase, please comment below as to your interest in the subject: 

Are you looking for information because the shirt enrages you… or because you agree with its message?  If you could buy one, where will you feel comfortable wearing it?  District 5, or elsewhere?  How do you account for the fact that there has only been one signed “letter to the editor” in support of Yow and dozens that condemn him – all signed?  Do you want to own one of the shirts because white hoods are soooo 1960′s?

If you are looking to buy one of the damn things, why don’t you just call Yow on the phone or send him your order via email?…  because he ain’t got no website, Bubba.  His home number is 336-674-2149.  His email is billyyow@bellsouth.net.  I’m sure he would love to hear from you.

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