Casualty of War

Today I learned that my good friend and fellow preservationist Heather Seifert has resigned as Executive Director of Preservation Greensboro, Inc. and accepted the position of Executive Director for Preservation Oklahoma, Inc in Oklahoma City.  Good for Oklahoma… bad for Greensboro.

I congratulate Heather on an extraordinary advancement for her career, however Greensboro’s fledgling preservation movement will be weakened considerably by her departure.  Heather’s unrelenting “save it at all costs” attitude and actions have riled a great many movers and shakers in this City who only give lip service to historic preservation efforts.

Last week’s appearance in front of City Council attests to the importance and awareness she has instilled in City Hall for the preservation of Greensboro’s architectural heritage.  During the recent Dudley High School and War Memorial Stadium conflagrations, it was she that carried the day and it has been a joy to witness!

Heather Seifert has the spirit of a warrior replete with unbounded intensity but she still manages to carry her message and herself with extraordinary grace, style and sincerity usually attributed only to the quintessential Southern Belle.

Under Heather’s direction Preservation Greensboro has developed into an impressive, respected and revered organization.  Her stylish shoes will be hard to fill.

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