Not over yet

Quotes from the group discussion over at ABC of Guilford County regarding the re-assignment results for the High Point “Choice Plan” lottery:

I suppose in reality, the Guilford County School Board is proposiing spending $12 million for the net movenment of  50 students?   …I’m sure this won’t go over well with taxpayers throughout the county and in the County Commissioners’ budget talks.” – William Robertson

“…(The School Board) instilled the idea that they would TRY to accommodate 1st and 2nd choices, therefore, some did not REALLY fill out the application with their 1st choice. I know several who filled out the application, choosing what would be the NEXT best and the most LIKELY to get assigned to.” - TFU1337

“… what ever happened to the overcrowding situation at Southwest that had to be addressed with a large number of students leaving Southwest?  Did the Schools magically discover that there wasn’t really an overcrowding situation after all?”  - Carl Alexander

“… Sorry, I’m confused, which means Grier’s plan is working.” – Pam

This morning’s N&R reports that the parents are vowing to keep up their efforts to roll back the High Point “Choice Plan” by working to defeat certain school board incumbents in the upcoming election.  But the article also indicates that the Board of Education is breathing much easier.

A full 33% of eligible students chose not to participate in the lottery and this should be of great concern to the Board of Education.  Does that percentage indicate that one third of eligible families weren’t paying attention, or is it an indication of severe dis-enfranchisement?  I can’t fathom the former.

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