Return of Blog-IT ergo sum

After a long hiatus, Jim Capo is again blogging… profusely.  Jim is the Libertarian candidate for Guilford County Commissioner in District 7.

I haven’t yet had the time to go through the whole thing but he is has put up a well-linked post on Guilford County School Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier and The Horace Mann League and how that that association brought consultant Richard Kahlenberg’s viewpoints (links via Capo) to bear on the High Point “Choice Plan”.  Kahlenberg’s presentation to the School Board and parents was covered in this morning’s N&R.  Capo was there also.

From a quick scan of the information provided, Capo is associating the High Point Plan all the way back to Horace Mann’s visit to Prussia in the 1890′s.  It is a convoluted path but a compelling one to follow – perhaps he will give us the Reader’s Digest version soon.

Welcome back Jim.

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