Going down hill as fast

I picked up a copy of the Greater Greensbor Observer yesterday (no web presence… still).  On the cover was a picture of Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier with the title “Seldom the Credit, Always the Blame”.

“Good”, I thought, “finally someone is going to report that there are actually alot of good things that Dr. Grier has accomplished despite all of the uproar over the High Point lottery.”  I flipped to the article and… nothing.  Just another re-cap and re-hash of what occured at the School Board meeting last week. The article had nothing to do with the promise of the front page  Both the N&R and the Rhino covered that meeting down to the minute a long time ago and the GGO offered no new insight.

Also, they continued to report on “studies” about how wonderful Greensboro is, this time because we have so many colleges and universities.  Very true… very boring… and, they admit - very bogus.  I agree with Ed Cone’s survey and opinion about Greensboro’s newest alt-weekly.  Their credibility as a serious news source is off to a bad start.

I’ll give them a few more chances, but if they continue to waste my time I will stop seeking their paper out and only read it if I happen to see one laying around.

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