Excellence at Aycock

Before any of you people get the impression that all is woe at Aycock Middle School… let me set the record straight.  Blogs, like newspapers, get more notice when they cover controversy and perhaps I have done too much of that in regards to my neighborhood’s namesake school.

Tonight I went to the Aycock band concert to hear daughter Josie play oboe in the seventh grade band.  I continue to be amazed at what band director extraordinaire Julie Parker coaxes, year-after-year, from those little minds of 11-14 year-old mush.

Aycock has the best middle school band in the County.  This fact is proven every year because we consistantly place more students in Guilford’s All-County Band than any other four or five middle schools combined.  Further proof can be found in the Superior rating that Julie’s 8th grade band recently received at the band festival down at Carowinds.  I’m telling you, being the son of one of the finest band directors Kentucky ever knew, I know good bands… Aycock’s is outstanding!

Great things happen at that school, and I will try to keep you better informed about them.

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