Well It’s The Same Old Song

It’s not just Greensboro.  The Roanoke Times continues to report on their own controversy surrounding the likely abandonment of old Victory Stadium.  It sounds like many on their City Council are pushing for a new stadium but a lot of citizens are up in arms over the whole thing.

People get attached to buildings that they have known all of their lives and threatening those same buildings gets people’s dander up with good reason…  architecture is frozen music* and I learned long ago not to question people’s taste in music (frozen or fluid).  They like it just because they like it and a new song cannot replace an old favorite that has real meaning in someone’s life.

What is it about getting elected that causes many sincere and concerned citizens to lose touch with the very people that elected them?  If this affliction happens to me once I am elected I hope that I have the wisdom to realize the problem and go away on my own.  Barring this, I am confident and hopeful that the people will do it for me.

*Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

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