Josie is elected

Around 4:00 yesterday, stay-at-home moms were on their respective porches and I was under my ’71 Ford pick’m'up truck trying to coax the transmission out of it’s favorite 2nd gear.  Daughter Josie was walking home from Aycock Middle and saw me crawling out from under the blue bomb.

“I won”, she screamed and started jogging up the sidewalk, “I won the election.  I’m 1st Vice President.”  She was clearly pleased with herself, flush with the rush of knowing she was just confirmed – by a vote of her peers and teachers – as one of the most trusted and popular kids in her school.  She had worked hard to win the election.

“Congratulations”, I yelled back, “I’m very proud of you.”

From an across the street porch-sitting neighbor came, “That’s wonderful Josie, it runs in the family… like father like daughter”, referencing my community activism and recent run for City Council.

“Congratulations girl…” , as another voice offered additional accolades from another front porch, “…but not just like your father … you actually won.”

Our friends can be such wonderful smart-asses.

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