The more things change…

A Judge has ruled this morning that the petition that calls for the October 7th referendum on changing the ordinance that would ban stadiums being constructed in the Central Business District is valid. 

Here is the text of the summary judgement.

It further suggests that the plaintiffs are liable for costs associated with the lawsuit that was brought by Milton Kearn, Daniel Craft, Donald Moore, Greensboro Baseball LLC (The Bats), et al.

The referendum will be held as scheduled.

The next lawsuit that will be before a judge will be on this question: is DGR,LLC “vested” in the project?  This lawsuit will occur ONLY if a majority of the citizens vote “FOR” the ordinance change in October. 

The stadium backers have said that they are going to build it regardless of the outcome of the referendum.  The stadium opponents have stated that they will abide by the will of the people.

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