That’s so ghetto

Friday I loaded my old and crippled Weber grill on my similarly old and crippled ’71 Ford truck and limped down to Aycock Middle to cook a couple of hundred hot dogs and hamburgers for a bunch of 7th grader’s year end picnic.

Five guys were helping to set up by bringing out tables, condiments, chips, drinks, etc.  They saw me setting up my should-have-been-replaced-years-ago grill next to my never-gonna-let-it-go truck.  “Mr. Hoggard, that’s ghetto”, commented a couple of the guys in the set up crew (all five were Black) about the condition of two of my prized possessions.  I just laughed and agreed with them knowing that “ghetto” became the tean-speek slang for “low class” or “urban hick” a couple of years ago for black and white kids alike. 

With all due respect to Jeff Foxworthy, if you have ever done any of the things on this list… you are “ghetto” too. (via

According to the Rev. Paul Scott (Herald-Sun) in Durham however, those students made a racist comment and I should be outraged.  I suppose I should follow his lead an start a petition drive to have them punished for being so insensitive.

On a recent Showgram radio show, WDCG’s Bob Dumas’ used “ghetto” to describe American Idol Fantasia Barrino.  The Rev. Scott called the use of the words “racially incendiary” and has begun an online petition to have Dumas “relieved of his duties as an on air personality“.  The signers of the petition are demonstrating their agreement with Scott and their total ignorance of popular culture - not only by their signatures, but also through their comments, for example:

Shauna Coleman: “This DJ knows that when you use the term GHETTO, you are only referring to black people. You never call a white person GHETTO. He needs to go to a cultural diversity class.”

Devin Hopkins: “I totally agree with Reverend Scott. For as long as I can remember, the term “ghetto” has refered to the black community.”

I am weary of encountering so many people who have so many chips balanced precariously (Mr. Sun) on their shoulders.

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  1. Don't be so ignorant
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    look up the word first beforeyoun use it! The word ghetto is not a behavoir, and can never be, it is a place that they called ghetto for where the jews live in slums now they turn the word on black people which is true we live in the ghetto ‘ but we cant act ghetto. people act rude vioelent or have they ways because of what they are taught not from where they live! upbringing
    it’s your