Call off the dogs

Councilman Tom Phillips just called and said that the ordinance amendment regarding ending times for three-day special events might be a problem after all.  City Attorney Linda Miles alerted the Council to some unintended consequences of the amendment so they will re-visit the whole thing on Tuesday.  In other words, there will be a motion to rescind the amendment in its current form at the behest of the legal staff.

A meeting will be set up between Council Members, City Staff, Action Greensboro, Downtown Greensboro, Inc and all affected neighborhoods to work out the kinks within the next few weeks and the matter will then come back up for a vote at a future Council meeting.

Tom asked me to spread the word via this medium to alert folks who where planning to address the matter Tuesday night.  There will be ample opportunity for public input once meetings can be arranged among all concerned. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Tom, if you had one of these fancy communication devices (weblog), you could do this yourself… but I’m happy to help.

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