Checking In

In case you’re wondering – I’m still here.  With Jinni and Jesse gone I just find myself in a bit of a tizzy – kinda rudderless. 

With the break in the family routine I find my blogging time taken up by other things not the least of which is my recent purchase of a 1977 International Scout II.  Cone got a glimpse of it yesterday when we ran into each other at Kay Edwards’ post-memorial gathering at Kay’s house.  More on my new acquisition later.

The red light camera folks still have returned my phone calls – now three of them - in case your keeping up.  Lex, had a good article in Sunday’s N&R on the subject.

Aycock folks are going to City Council tonight to lobby for funding of our neighborhood plan that at one time was deemed, “one of the two most important projects in Greensboro” by some on Council.  The other was the new baseball stadium.  We are hoping to remind City Council of their committments to the plan.

Today is my Dad’s birthday – Happy Birthday Dad – I love you and will call tonight.

Until I regain control of my ship – this is an open invitation to talk among yourselves in the comments section below.  What’s on your mind?

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