Casual burglary

We are a veritable repository of neighbor’s house keys.  Between me working on most every house in the neighborhood at one time or the other, some Hoggard putting up the mail for neighbors during an extended absence  and the kids keeping everyone’s animals fed during their owner’s vacations- we almost have a complete set of keys to the Aycock neighborhood

Daughter Josie is a ‘hood-reknown pet sitter so she has increased our house key collection over the past couple of years.  Folks simply give her a call before they leave, give special medicinal instructions if needed and ask, “you’ve got the key, don’t you?”  They leave for days or weeks and know their animals will be well cared for.  Normally we are able to come up with the proper key for the proper house, but last week Josie couldn’t locate the key to one of her frequent customers (and our good friends) just down Cypress Street.

Jinni and I found out about the missing key around 11:30p after returned from a great party over on Park Ave.  After “looking everywhere” for the key, Josie was very concerned; “the dogs have to go out, what am I supposed to do?”  I assured her that there is always a way into a house… keys are for honest people.  So off we roared in my old blue Ford with all of my window fixing tools in the back.

I chose the least destructive point of entry through a half window leading to the basement and reverse repaired the opening.  Placing duct tape over one of the panes to avoid glass spew I gingerly whacked it with my hammer. Reaching in to undo the lock, I removed the sash from its hinges gaining entry.  The rest was easy and the dogs were very pleased to go outside after I let Josie in the basement door to do her thing.

After she fed the dogs I loaded the damaged sash in my truck and we headed home.  I assured her that I would replace the glass, repair the sash and re-install it long before our friends got home the next day and we would all have a good laugh. 

The next day got very busy.  Josie and I didn’t head to the McKnight Hardware (if they don’t have it, you don’t need it) until late afternoon.  We made our replacement glass purchase and returned home down Bessemer Ave.  When we turned onto Cypress Street we noticed a police car in front of the house that was the site of the previous night’s adventure.

I pulled up next to where Steve, the owner, and the policeman were in heavy discussion.  I asked if there had been a break-in.  Steve looked surprised at my intuitiveness and informed me that yes, there had been a burglary.  He offered that it was obviously a professional at work because the window was taped to avoid attracting attention, but the dogs must have scared the guy off.

As the officer listened in, Steve expressed relief and confusion that the only thing apparently missing was a downstairs window sash….

To his credit, the policeman was amused also.

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