Up and running

I’m baaaack.

Several things transpired over the past week, most of which I will not even try to catch you up on but Jinni and Jesse came home last night around 10:00p bearing lots of Costa Rican gifts.  Among mine were several pounds of excellent Costa Rican coffee, a new coffee press and some Cuban cigars which somehow made it into Jesse’s luggage.

It is Father’s Day so Jinni says I get to do what ever I want.  Some of my wants will have to do with the above items, others I would love to take her up on but the kids will be underfoot trying to be attentive to their old man.

Glad to be back and I can’t wait to give you my tirade about how the County Commissioners have absolutely NO business playing politics with already approved school bond money.  Here (N&R) is what I’m talking about.

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