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Two new (to me) Guilford County blogs to report:

GuilfordGOPNews is blogged by Gerry Goulder.  He is keeping up with all of the Republican in-fighting here in Guilford County and other GOPcentric stuff.  Gerry has been posting for quite a while and finally decided to let some others in on his blog.

Sam’s Notes is by Greater Greensboro Observer reporter Sam Hieb. His latest post is about the Guilford County Board of Commissioner’s meeting.  He provides play-by-play coverage of the meeting that I haven’t read elsewhere including his own paper.  But of course the next issue of the GGO won’t hit the stands until Tuesday.  This blog might get interesting.

Welcome Gerry and Sam.


Also, District 7 Commish candidate Mike Winstead has put up a rudimentary website.   He will face off against Mary Rakestraw in the upcoming Republican primary.  This race will determine who will be facing Democratic candidate Mike Barber in November.

Winstead’s site promises more Republican bashing.  One of the five tabs on his site is entitled “My Opponent” which regurgitates some old news about Mary Rakestraw.  The section leads with “Commissioner Rakestraw has continually voted against her Party”. 

Part of Mary’s appeal to me is because of the above statement.  She votes for what she believes to be the best interests of her constituancy – not just to win favor within ”her Party” - Winstead and others apparently think this is a negative.

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