I’m not a religious man and I tend to subscribe to “opiate of the masses” skepticicm.  However, I do believe in a higher Being. 

Back in college I wrote a brilliant-to-my-mind essay entitled something like “God’s Ego”.  In it I opined that God, by whatever definition you choose to subscribe to, is all-powerful.  Of that I have no doubt.  If you don’t believe me, try to make a tree from scratch sometime.

I went on to write that any Being that is “all powerful” would certainly be bereft of an ego - I mean… what’s the point?  God is the biggest, baddest, best(es) Entity there is.  He/She is unchallenged in that position to my knowledge.  Well, there is Satan – but in every showdown that I have ever heard of, God delivers the knock-out punch in the end.  Since God has no equal, any semblence of an ego, and it’s ensueing need to be fed, would be a petty trait to attribute to a Diety in my very humble opinion.

My God would simply not be so petty as to require constant ego feeding as demonstrated ad nauseum by the overtly pius.  I think a simple, private, quiet, “thank you” every now and again lets God know you are paying attention.  Anything more just takes up bandwidth and creates background noise to such a point that God finds it difficult to discern the real important stuff.  “Another prayer from Butch is coming in – he’s probably eating again… I’ll hear it later“, God might say… only to find out later that Jim’s daughter was in a car accident, and this time Butch should have set his prayer to “highest importance”.

If God hears from me, he pays attention. “What?… David’s prayingMother of Me… when was the last time…?… let me check… his Dad was real sick…  I’ll take this one Son?”  I believe God is a big picture guy and too much “praise be…” is superfluous and falls on deaf, or at least unimpressed, ears.

I say all of that to point you to Mr. Sun.who had a frank talk with the Big Guy yesterday:

“…When the latest MVP of whatever sport thanks you for the extra push necessary to put a ball somewhere it is supposed to go, are you all up in that?  If so, then listen to me carefully: I did not have spiritual relations with that deity….”

If you don’t laugh and agree I believe you are taking things waaay too seriously.  I agree with Sun…, God should not be looked to as life’s micro-manager.  I really don’t think The Lord really cares that you are eating again or making another free-throw, but I suppose if it makes you feel good – go ahead.  Opiates are good for that.

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