No Change

Greensboro’s new baseball stadium is moving right along as you can see in Action Greensboro’s live webcam that is pointed at the construction site.

I drive by there almost daily and take note of who is working on what because of promises that were made to help sway the vote to get the project underway between stadium backers and leaders of the black community.  According to Simkins PAC leaders, the folks building the stadium had provided “written guarantees” that jobs, especially masonry jobs, would be given to black workers.

About a month ago, I explained the situation and my observations.  Today I report that nothing has changed.  Driving by where the brick work is being done I counted seven workers doing their thing.  Four were white, three appeared to be Hispanic.  There where no black workers visible.

During the NAACP meeting when the Simkins PAC leader Joe Williams told the crowd gathered about the “written guarantees”, someone in the audience questioned the varacity of the promises being made.  The person claimed that similar “guarantees” were made to the black community when the 2001 $300M school construction bond was being considered - and nothing came of it to speak of.

If the Simpkins PAC doesn’t pay some attention to who is working at the stadium site, I predict they will have trouble the next time they go to the NAACP well for political backing for similar construction projects.

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