Expanded readership

I used to send a “letter to the editor” to the News & Record about as often as their one-every-thirty-days limit would allow.  After I started this weblog I found that I could satisfy my need to let people know how I felt about things here… and with unlimited frequency.  But let’s face it – the N&R’s “letters” page reaches just a few more people than this blog.

Last Monday when William Parson slighted my neighborhood (scroll down) in a letter to the editor, I wrote a response on this site.  However, because I wanted more than eight people to know what I felt about what Mr. Parson had to say, I copied and pasted that blog entry and sent it to the N&R’s “letters” department.

It was published this morning.

I signed the letter: “David Hoggard – www.hoggsblog.com” .  When it was published it came out like this: “David Hoggard – Greensboro”.  You can’t say I didn’t at least try to get more N&R readers into the blogoshere.

Another observation:  The N&R has a policy that it will not knowingly ”print letters that have been submitted to other publications”.  They either a) waived this restriction… or b) don’t consider a weblog to be a publication that falls under their restrictions… or c) the editorial staff has quit reading HoggsBlog on a regular basis and didn’t know the letter was a duplication.

Anyone from the N&R care to comment? … and no… I’ll not tell you who the “community leader” is – but it did happen.

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