And yet another…

I found “The Life of Dennis” by following a link to Triad Blogs that was discovered and posted by Billy.  Adjuncts to the pretty cool “” website, Life of Dennis and Triad Blogs is offered by Greensboro resident Dennis Elliot.

On reading his posts, it appears that he used to blog… then stopped for a year… then started again

On Sunday he questioned how a contributor to the discussions at Free Republic came up with describing Greensboro as “liberal mecca in a sea of conservatism”.  This label was offered to explain why Fahrenheit 911 movie goers here in Greensboro gave the movie a standing ovation as Drudge reported Sunday and the N&R reports today .  I have been unable to find the comment at Free Republic, but the label is news to me as well.

Anyway, I’m glad to find Dennis and have added him and his Triad Blogs listing to my blog roll.

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