“Just how heinous?”

In the view of some Aycock Middle School students who put up a website recently – next year’s proposed school uniform policy for their school is quite “heinous“.

Aycock’s administration has sent a letter home to every family who will be attending the school next year telling them that there will be a SMOD (standard mode of dress, aka school uniform) policy in force for the upcoming academic year.  These students are obviously not pleased about the situation.

I am not sure exactly who Linda and Emily are but they had the good sense to quote extensively from the information found on this blog.  One of their favorite posts was about what happened at a recent school board meeting

Despite claims to the contrary, there has been a lot of parental opposition to implementation of the policy – mainly because of the way in which the Aycock administration chose to gather “input” from the school’s community.  Many are also wondering what’s going on because the current School Board policy states that the administration “respects a student’s right to choose his or her style of dress or appearance”.  School uniforms seem a long way from such a “right”.

This controversy is not over, not by a long shot. 

If you still haven’t made up your mind about the issue – here is a bunch of  links to articles and studies concerning school uniforms.

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