School Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier called back with some good news regarding the prospects of getting a running track and football/soccer field installed at Aycock Middle School that I wrote about earlier.

The total cost for the track and field facility at Hairston Middle was $195,000 back in 2002.  This price included grading, drainage, fencing, paving, marking… the whole enchalada.  He said he is confident that Hairston’s facility could be duplicated for a similar price today.   Lighting was an additional $90,000.

This brings the basic project in under the $300,000 that the proposed Guilford County Parks & Rec bond would provide to the project at Aycock Middle School if passed by the voters in November.  Perhaps we can now look at proposing restroom facilities and maybe some bleachers or irrigation if the Nike grant pans out.

Dr. Grier also gave me some overall site footprint dimensions and is getting together some site plans that were drawn up for Hairston.  When I get those, I’ll head down to Greensboro’s Engineering/Inspections Department and swing by the City’s Zoning offices to ascertain what hurdles they have in store. 

Because Aycock Middle is the only Guilford County School within a locally designated historic district there may be other obstacles down the road.  Like any other project in the District, this undertaking will have to fit within the Historic District Guidelines (PDF file) and be issued a Certificate of Appropriateness from Greensboro’s Historic District Commission before a building permit can be obtained. 

I don’t see any real problems with the project fitting the historic guidelines except the fact that chain link fences - Guilford County School’s fence of preference - are discouraged.  They are, however, guidelines… not rules.  If they were strict rules, the surface of the track would have to be paved with old-time cinders I suppose, but the Guidelines recognize, and allow for, new-fangled materials.

County Development Director Rob Bencini called back to offer more input as to how to proceed.  Tomorrow I’ll call Commissioner Alston and tell him his over-budget fears may have been unfounded.

This has gone way too smoothly so far, which makes me tend to be a bit wary.

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