Conversation with Mike

I want what you’ve got“, explained County Commissioner Mike Barber during yesterday’s lunch meeting at Elizabeth’s.  Following some great political and personal conversation I asked the Democratic candidate for the District 7 seat why he was seeking my support for his campaign.

Barber continued: “I admire the community you built on-line during your (City Council) campaign.  Everyone knows HoggsBlog – I want you to help me do the same for my campaign”.

After I quickly informed him that my weblog integrated Hoggard4Council website was mastermided by Roch Smith Jr., I said he would be wasting money asking me to build it.  My role was content provider for position statements, press releases, driving voters to the site via email updates and most importantly, the weblog – making it all work together was Roch’s doing.  I called Roch right after the meeting to let him know of Mike’s interest in his services.

I then asked Mike if he likes to write?  He said, “Sure – if its about me.”  “Perfect“, I answered, “you need to consider a weblog”.  We then discussed the basic tenants of political blogging: links to all sides of an issue, must be your own voice, frequent entries, occasional “scoops” as well as the banality of family life.

The former Chairman of the Board is in a position to blaze some new territory in Guilford County online politics.  Because he is a current at-large member of the Board of Commissioners, he will at least have the opportunity to let the public in on what goes on behind the scenes down at the County courthouse.  I have urged him to demonstrate an online “transparency”, if he chooses to do so is yet to be seen.  I will push him to be as forthcoming as possible because that is what voters want and need.

Mike and I have had our differences, mainly over baseball, but his positions on supporting education and community development hold great appeal for me.  His sincerity and personality pass my “would he fit it on my front porch” test.

I agreed to help.

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