The “Maria Treatment” continues

I’ve missed having my N&R shadow around this week, but reporter Maria Johnson has definitely been busy compiling information for an upcoming article on moi.  Starting late last week with a “girls-only” kitchen table interview with my lovely and talented wife Jinni, she has been contacting people I have mentioned during our many interviews.  How do I know?  Some of them have contacted me to ask, “What’s up?”

School Board Member Kris Cooke called Tuesday and said what all politicians know, “I said nothing but positive things, but you never know how it will come out in the article.”  I assured Kris that I have no concerns about it regardless of how it comes out, then we talked education and campaigns for a while.

Next was an email from my great friend Heather Seifert.  Heather is currently the Executive Director of Preservation Oklahoma but before that she was the head of Preservation Greensboro, Inc.  She was the one who started the ball rolling to get War Memorial Stadium considered as an alternative to Action Greensboro’s plans for a new downtown stadium.  As Heather likes to say, “We were joined at the hip“, for about two years.

In a later phone conversation with Maria I asked how it went with Heather.  She said, “We like sources who have recently left town.”  Knowing what I know about the circumstances surrounding Heather’s departure from PGI, her comments in the article might be interesting.

This past Thursday, Maria called to, “tie up some loose ends“.  She wanted to verify some dates, name spellings, order of events, etc.  She told me she had a conversation with Jim Melvin, head of the Bryan Foundation…. following up on my overtures to, and posts about inviting, Mr. Melvin to support Aycock’s visions for the future of War Memorial Stadium.  Maria was apparently trying to resolve a discrepency between Mr. Melvin’s and my recollections of a conversation we had right after the stadium vote.

She also asked more questions about this blog.  Among them was, “when did you start blogging?”  I wasn’t sure of the date, but knew it was shortly after I filed as a City Council candidate.  Come to find out… my first ever post (also my first received comment by Ed Cone) was one year ago this Tuesday. 

Time sure flies when you don’t have any to spare.


By the way, I found a link listing to many of Maria Johnson’s “Maria treatments” while searching for info for this post.  The one I remember best was when she profiled Cemela Foundation Director Priscilla Taylor because she called me for background, just like she is currently doing now with others.

My “Maria treatment” is tentatively scheduled for publication Sunday, August 22nd

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