Two N&R “Letters to the Editor” caught my eye this morning.

Vanquished at-large school board candidate Garth Hebert hasn’t figured out that sporting a sign or sticker in one’s yard or on one’s car doesn’t translate into votes.  With all of the ABC o Guilford County signs and stickers that popped up around town calling for school board regime change, you would have thought that the organization was going to shake up the recent primary elections.  But they did not.

Hebert’s letter (scroll down) claims that recent actions by the School Board and County Commissioners involving the expenditures of school bond money has “shattered” the public’s trust in those elected bodies. He says he is going to do all he can to, “stop the dishonest borrowing on our children’s backs.”

His opening effort is for people to add another message onto their cars alongside “Get Terry Grier Outta Here”.   He tells us, “I have ordered 1,000 magnetic car signs that simply say ‘no bonds’.”   No ordering information is provided but I’m sure those who have had their public trust “shattered” will seek Hebert out.


Neighbor Tracy Lamonthe says “Good riddance” when baseball fans move from WMS to the new stadium next year.  Still PO’d about a recent letter to the editor from William Parson’s charge that the Aycock Neighborhood is “unsafe”, she characterizes fans who park near her house on the corner of Park and Charter as untidy and loud.  She wishes them no good next year when they have to “park in a sea of concrete” as opposed to Aycock’s welcoming tree-lined streets.

I know Tracy and she is one of War Memorial Stadium’s biggest supporters.  She will be as sad as the rest of us when the Bats play their last game at WMS in a few weeks.

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